One Source Talent in Chicago is a service for models, actors, and the entertainment industry. One Source Talent maintains an interactive database of models, actors and clients looking to fulfill their creative requests and needs. The goal of One Source Talent is to create cost-effective, working relationships between talent and clients via its interactive network.

The Mission of One Source Talent is to become the primary facilitator in the modeling and acting communities. Creating a resource utilized by all in the entertainment industry, from actors, models, to clients, to agents, to casting companies and directors.Apply Now to Join Once Source Talent Detroit

One Source Talent Chicago has staff that are dedicated to the creation and demonstration of a corporate concept of linked prosperity and success as a whole for the company, our clients and our talent. Our mission consists of several interrelated parts.

Launched in 2003, One Source Talent has quickly found success in an extremely competitive industry previously dominated by a select few. One Source Talent operates nationwide, and has offices in major cities including Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Washington D.C. Los Angeles and New York.






Our Talent Enjoy:

  • Real-time access and submissions to nation-wide castings and auditions
  • An interactive composite card for all digital and traditional submissions
  • Personal email account,
  • Industry workshops, ‘Meet & Greets’
  • Commission free environment
  • Benefit program utilizing select businesses in each market.
Our Clients Enjoy
  • A searchable database of talent with detailed characteristics
  • A commission free service,
  • Detailed talent evaluation process to ensure they are getting dedicated professionals
  • Corporate staff with years of industry knowledge and contacts.


We invite you to explore our talent success stories and join us.


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